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All in one solution

StormTac is unique since it in one single model includes the interactions within the whole watershed system; runoff and base flow – pollutant transport – receiving water impacts and criteria – design of transport, pollutant treatment and flow detention facilities. StormTac web application: http://app.stormtac.com/

Easy to use

The tool is user-friendly and self explanatory. It consists of an overview flowchart with clickable input data boxes, the results are presented in the flowchart. Notes and a quick manual describes the simple steps from start to end of calculations. You can begin directly without any required education.

Updated continuously

The model always employs the latest updated standard values, such as standard concentrations for different land uses. The methods are scientifically reviewed and updated to and complemented with new data and are in accordance with the latest scientific findings, e.g. regarding climate factors, rain intensity data end empirical functions of reduction efficiencies of storm water treatment facilities.

Little input data

The only required input data consist of areas per land use, however all default data (such as yearly precipitation, rain intensities, runoff coefficients and concentrations) can easily be changed and the model can be used for quick calculations of e.g. required space for treatment to a detailed design of treatment and flow detention facilities, including for example outlet details, water depths, slopes and cost estimations.

Latest news

Updated database (v. 2017-11-20) for download

New land uses, more reduction efficiencies from different types of facilities and more data of irreducible concentrations
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New treatment facilities to design! Biochar as addition!

Oil separator and Structural soil (Swe: Skelettjord) implemented as new treatment facilities. Addition of biochar (Swe: biokol) to the biofilter box.
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Updated database (v. 2017-07-19) for download

Updated database with many revised stormwater concentrations and new land uses
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Updated database v. 2017-06-04

The database is updated with frontpage, protected sheets and runoff coefficients (New!).
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Updated database (2017-03-19)

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