Updated database (v. 2017-07-19) for download

Updated database with many revised stormwater concentrations and new land uses

1. The stormwater and baseflow concentration data have been thoroughly supervised with comparison between land uses and revision to data from added case studies, resulting in changed stormwater data for certain pollutants for the land uses parking,residential area, vacation cottage development, downtown area, park grounds, atmospheric deposition, forest, agricultural property, meadow, wetland, golf course, railway embankment (also for baseflow), forest clearings, harbor zone, downtown area less and more polluted, industrial area less and more polluted, residential area less polluted, metal recycling center, roof, tank farm, junkyard, storing yard and pedestrian and cycling path.

2. New land uses have been added (to be implemented in StormTac Web before August 20, 2017):
- Vacation cottage development, permanent living
- Railway embankment in concrete, light train.

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